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Rodeo Foundation President

Letter from LRF President Kathleen Minser:

The Livermore Rodeo Foundation (LRF) has been very active since established in late 2008 as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization with the goal of giving back to the community and keeping the spirit, heritage, and tradition of agriculture, ranching and rodeo alive. The Livermore Stockmen’s Rodeo Association (LSRA) will celebrate its 106th Rodeo this year. In the midst of World War I, the Rodeo was initially formed to raise money to support the efforts of the Red Cross in helping soldiers and veterans. As the foundation was created it was easy to follow the same desire and continue to remind people of how it all really began. The determination and hard work of LSRA and LRF has created a unique partnership that is committed to encouraging and helping keep the sport of rodeo here in the Livermore community. LRF has held an annual Dinner Fundraiser in conjunction with the Rodeo Queen Contest with remarkable success. Along with other fundraising efforts, LRF has granted over $224,000 to our local Livermore Community. We support programs such as the Livermore Future Farmers of America, Livermore Junior Rodeo, Livermore High School Agriculture Program, LARPD, and Valley Care Ryan Comer Breast Cancer Library. 


We stay committed to our mission statement and I am very proud to report that last year we were able to grant out $10,000 for a total year to date of $81,250 in further education scholarships. We are honored to assist students in their studies for degrees in agriculture, veterinarian, and viticulture. I am very proud of the LRF Board of Directors, the partnership with LSRA, and the support we have from the community.


We are all about family, community, and charity and we choose to develop events that uphold the values that we believe are shared by you and our supporters. Partnering with LSRA, we are committed to seeing that the community is bettered by our presence. Just as the rodeo grew from a hard-working lifestyle, we want our community to reap the benefits of their hard-working heritage. 


During the 2024 Rodeo, we will be selling, our signature themed “Give Cancer The Boot," “Spur The Cure,” and “Rope The Cure” 106th rodeo breast cancer rodeo pins, raffle tickets for a chance to win a one-of-a-kind commemorative rifle.


Back by popular demand, I am extremely proud to announce that we will again host the Miss Livermore Rodeo Princesses.


This year we are hosting the Annual Cowgirl Luncheon an event where all the Cowgirls are served a great lunch by the Cowboys! 


As President of the Livermore Rodeo Foundation, I manage this foundation with integrity and forethought, and my belief is, success is not measured only by the money we raise but instilling in others the passion for the preservation of America’s Western Heritage, and carrying on the Rodeo tradition to be handed down to the many generations to come. 


Because of the efforts of our Rodeo organizations, it is my avid hope to benefit local charities; showcase the products and services of our vendors, sponsors and members; and provide economic growth and development to the community by spotlighting them with exposure; and most importantly, to create a lifetime partnership. 


I warmly invite you and your family to attend one of our events and judge for yourself! 

Kathleen Minser

Livermore Rodeo Foundation


Livermore Rodeo Foundation Mission Statement

“The Livermore Rodeo Foundation was established in 2008 as a non-profit California corporation to solicit and receive gifts and contributions for and on behalf of the Tri-Valley Area, with emphasis on agriculture and education activities.  A Board of Directors comprised of community leaders, solicits funds form a variety of sources for the benefit of Tri-Valley individuals, families, and organizations in crisis.  These funds are used for educational grants, educational scholarships, supporting local health organizations and charitable groups to ensure enhancements to the community.  The mission of LRF is, make a difference in the lives of individuals, families and organizations through community donation and volunteer commitment."



Kathleen Minser

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