• 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

• Tickets Price: TBA 


• 21 or older only


• Event flyer to be posted.


Cowgirl Luncheon


Postponed: Date to be Announced


A lunch brought to you by the Livermore Rodeo Foundation recognizing local scholarship recipients and this years cowgirl honoree.  


Lunch to include choices of Hors D'oeuvres, steak or chicken, roasted red potatoes, Caesar salad, garlic bread, beer, wine, tea and water. 


A silent auction will be held.


More information coming this spring!  Stay tuned for ticket information. or email us at cowgirlluncheon@livermorerodeo.com



Cowgirl Luncheon.png
Application: To Be Announced

2021 Livermore Rodeo Foundation

Cowgirl Luncheon Scholarship Application

2021 Livermore Rodeo Foundation

Cowgirl Luncheon Honoree Nomination Form

Nomination Form: To Be Announced
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