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Students Promoting the Understanding of Rodeo Success

The Livermore Rodeo Foundation believes in giving back in our local community, we are very focused on keeping the spirit, heritage, and the tradition of agriculture, ranching, and rodeo alive. As part of our Mission Statement commitment a group of young adults 16-23 years old, who had been volunteering in different capacities over the years at the Livermore Rodeo were officially formed as a group called the SPURS. It represents Students Promoting the Understanding of Rodeo Success. These young adults are focused on fostering a program that helps educate other young adults about the history and traditions of Rodeo.

SPURS Mission Statement

The SPURS is the next generation of Livermore Rodeo leaders. The group is youth and young adults 16-23 years old, working on projects that educate the community about Rodeo life. Dedicated to volunteering at events and assist at the rodeo grounds in effort to help keep the western lifestyle alive in Livermore.

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