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Kathleen Minser


Walt Lupeika

Vice President

Mark Kaufman


Kathryn Laughlin


Mission Statement: The mission of Livermore Rodeo Foundation is, make a difference in the lives of individuals, families and organizations through community donation and volunteer commitment.


Executive Board of Directors

Kathleen Minser, President

Mark Kaufman, Vice President

Walt Lupeika, Treasurer

Heather O'Connell, Secretary




Johnny Goltz, LSRA President

Don Staysa

Don Podesta

Tiffany Brown Waller

Stan Kueffer

Jim McGrail


Advisory Board

Kathryn Laughlin

Phyllis Castello

Mike Spickler

Kirsten Barranti

Livermore Rodeo Foundation

All Photos by: Phil Doyle Photography - All Rights reserved


Property of Livemrore Stockmen's Rodeo Association

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